Amazing Updates for ComfyUI and A1111!

Have you ever wanted to have something positioned nicely in your Stable Diffusion AI art generations? Just like with the old Latent Coupling extension, we now have a nice way to add things to images without inpainting. Want two people side-by-side? No problem! Need a rodent wearing armour on the right? Not an issue. Central circle only? Thanks circle mask, that’s just what I wanted.

And that’s not all! There is also a new way to create higher resolution images, and a new IPAdapter model to boot.

Wow! 🙂

Update: A1111 extension now work in sd1.5 too! 😃

Loads of ComfyUI workflows & resource links at this URL –

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0:00 Introduction to new stable diffusion features
0:28 DeepShrink HiRes Fix
2:50 IPAdapter Attention Masks

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