Automatic1111 vs. Fooocus | 🤘How-to use Stable Diffusion UI

😎 In this video, we compare two stable diffusion user interfaces (UI), namely:
Automatic1111 and Fooocus

We also introduce the user interface, and we conduct a brief tutorial on how to use the tools.

We also introduce a few basic concepts, such as
– What is stable diffusion?
– What are models?
– What are extensions?
– What are LORA models?
– Basic directory organization.
– Where can I get more models?
– Some guidelines on how to generate prompts.

🤔 In our opinion, A1111 is the most powerful UI for Stable Diffusion, and Fooocus is the most friendly one.

Did we forget to mention that these UI are free?

00:00 What do I want to eat? Automatic1111 vs. Fooocus
00:10 Fooocus UI – Stable diffusion user interface
00:22 Automatic1111 UI – Stable diffusion user interface
01:19 Automatic1111 and Fooocus installation
01:49 What is stable diffusion?
03:05 Hugging face | The place to get SD models
04:15 CIVIC.AI | Another place to get SD models, wildcards, prompts, and more
06:36 Lexica | A good source for prompts and more
08:04 NightCafe | A vibrant AI art community
09:18 All the UIs in my computer
09:42 Let’s talk about Fooocus – The user interface and directory structure
11:22 Fooocus – Path to models
12:46 Fooocus – Models location – Basic directory organization
14:58 Fooocus – Styles directory
16:32 Fooocus UI – Advanced options
18:00 Fooocus UI – First prompt – Majestic Mountains – Nature landscape
19:39 Fooocus UI – The results of the first prompt
20:00 Fooocus UI – Let’s use another model with the same prompt
21:08 Fooocus UI – The outcome of the second iteration
22:05 Fooocus UI – Why Fooocus is so good – It’s all about styles and simplicity
22:20 Fooocus UI – All the styles in Fooocus
23:34 Fooocus UI – Second prompt – An apple + text
24:32 Fooocus UI – Same prompt but more complicated
25:18 The outcome – Apple + Text “Ceci n’est pas un pomme” | But the text is not even close
26:19 Let’s talk about AUTOMATIC1111 (A1111)
27:46 A1111 – Models location – Basic directory organization
28:16 A1111 – Path to models
28:46 A1111 – Extensions directory
29:07 A1111 – Outputs directory
29:37 A1111 – Styles in AUTOMATIC1111
30:27 A1111 UI – Let’s talk about the user interface
33:12 A1111 UI – Settings
34:00 A1111 UI – Extensions
35:29 A1111 UI – Image generation options
36:49 A1111 UI – First prompt – Majestic Mountains – Nature landscape
38:23 A1111 UI – The results of the first prompt
39:45 A1111 UI – Let’s change the model
41:02 A1111 UI – The outcome of the second iteration – This time, it is super slow
42:10 A1111 UI – Same prompt but using a library designed for this type of image – Cheese Daddy’s Landscapes
43:43 A1111 UI – Adding a LORA model
46:03 A1111 UI – Comparing the outputs
47:02 A1111 UI – Second prompt – An apple + text
47:51 A1111 UI – Uff, it is hard to generate text with AI art
48:38 A1111 UI – Apple + Text “Ceci n’est pas un pomme”
49:27 A1111 UI – Let’s add a Fooocus style
51:22 Final remarks.

Useful links,

Fooocus | Installation

AUTOMATIC1111 | Installation



Stability ai – Stable diffusion

Generative models by stability AI

Other links:

All 184 Styles in Fooocus with Images

Sebastian Kamph channel

Get Sebastian Kamph styles

Remember, you need to put the styles file in the directory


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