ComfyUI – 1 Image LoRA?! Check out this IP Adapter Tutorial for Stable Diffusion

An amazing new AI art tool for ComfyUI! This amazing node let’s you use a single image like a LoRA without training! In this Comfy tutorial we will use it to combine multiple images as well as use controlnet to manage the results. It can merge in the contents of an image, or even multiple images, and combine them with your prompts. The IP-Adapter is very powerful node suite for image-to-image conditioning. Given a single reference image you can do variations augmented by text prompt, controlnets and masks.

This is quite a ground breaking new stable diffusion technology that I plan to use quite a bit, as it can add missing elements to a scene, or can adjust the overall colors of an image.
#stablediffusion #comfy #comfyui #aiart #ipadapter

You can read all out the methods behind this node here:

Download all of the code and models here:

Interested in the finished graph and in supporting the channel? Come on over to the dark side! 🙂

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