Consistent Characters in Stable diffusion Same Face and Clothes Techniques and tips

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We can define a Consistent Character as a person who has same face, same clothes, in different poses and different backgrounds.

Now! Creating 100% consistent Character in Stable diffusion is impossible, because SD is inconsistent by design…. To Create 100% consistent characters/clothes, you should use Blender or Other 3D software tools, not Stable diffusion.
However! it is possible to achieve high level of consistency like 90%, which can be convincing enough.
This video will explain
1- how to produce the same face for unlimited number of images with and without LoRAs and using random seeds.
2- How to produce almost the same clothes with same face in different poses and backgrounds.

Techniques covered: use of After detailer, Reference controlnet, use of Roop, tips of getting better consistent clothes, and shows what is possible and what is not.

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