Discover the Essential A1111 Extensions for Stable Diffusion: Your Must-Have Toolkit!

Description: Here are 6 Must have extensions for stable diffusion that take a minute or less to install. These are great extensions for utility and great QoL (Quality of Life) improvements. So check ‘em out and install them today.

Most of these will be installed via Automatic 1111’s extension repository but below are the links I mentioned in my video and the SAM extension link you will need for installation.

Uminosachi’s SD WebUI InPaint Anything (SAM for A1111) –

SD Dynamic Prompt WildCards
1. Everything About Wildcards and What it can do –
2. MatJayBe’s Collection of Wildcards (Link at the bottom of the page and it ends with .git)
3. TheMartianTourist’s WildCard Collection (Link at the bottom of the page and it ends with .git)
4. 13 collections and 1000’s of wildcards –
(Links in the middle of the page just do a Ctrl + F and search wildcards these will be a download into your directory)
5. Here is a link to Chat GPT to create your own list of wildcards – ChatGPT

Wait you don’t know what SAM is? Try it out here :

Easy OutPainting with your InPainting Tutorial –
Canvas Zoom and PhotoPea Full Install Tutorial –
Advanced PhotoPea Part 1 –
Advanced PhotoPea Part 2 –

Don’t Have Stable Diffusion or Don’t know what A1111 is? Let’s Start from The Beginning
Stable Diffusion Automatic 1111 (A1111) Install Tutorial –
Embeddings, Custom Models, and Lora Files: How to make beautiful art with ease –
Control Net v1.1: Stable Diffusions most powerful tool –
Want to See my Control V1.0 video? It’s older but I go into a deep dive on what each model is used for –
Got messed up hands? Lets Fix that –
Did you know there are sites you can use Stable diffusion for Free? Training, OutPainting, Inpainting, upscales you name it –
Do you need to upscale something to Monstrous resolutions so you can Print them on a massive Waifu billboard?

Want to check out the GitHub Repo’s for all the extensions I mentioned? You also find these URL’s in the installed subtab in extensions to the right of the extension but here they are:
1. AlUlkesh Stable Diffusion webui images browser –
2. Vladmandic sd extension system info –
3. Uminosachi sd-webui inpaint anything (HEADS UP people are having problem with this one now) –
4. RichRobber2 Canvas Zoom –
5. DominikDoom / a111 sd webui tagcomplete (FIXED: Thank you everyone for the notice) –
6. adieyal sd dynamic prompts –

*Note you only need to check out this links if your interested in learning more about the tool and the developer as most of them were installed directly via Stable Diffusion

00:00 Intro – What this video is about
00:22 Image Browser
02:09 Image Browser Install
02:56 System Info
03:36 System Info Install
04:13 InPaint Anything – SAM Extension
06:13 InPaint Anything Install
07:18 Canvas Zoom
09:08 Aspect Ratio Helper & Selector
10:52 Aspect Ratio Helper & Selector Install
11:24 Booru Tag AutoPrompting
13:04 Booru Install
13:19 WildCards SD Dynamic Prompt
13:34 Installing WildCard Repository MattJayBe
14:34 Create your own WildCard List
15:15 How to Create a List with AI
17:53 Create 80 Diff Pics from 25 Diff Artist
18:35 Install Dynamic Prompts AKA Wildcards
19:12 BONUS TIP! I bet you Didn’t know
19:41 Managing Extensions – Toggling On & Off
20:05 Deleting or Uninstalling Extensions

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