FINALLY! Its Easy Step To Fix Hand For Your AI Image In Stable Diffusion

Hi wassap everyone..
In this video I will provide one of the easiest and best techniques so that we can get an image with a fixed hand position in stable diffusion with combination of controlnet open pose and controlnet softedge
prompt and LORA :
How to instal controlnet :
how to use multicontrolnet :
how instal Stable diffusion :
How To Widescreen AI Image with inpainting :
00:00 Intro
01:14 Get Reference Image
01:37 Base Prompt
02:36 Set Controlnet
03:52 Edit Reference Image
04:48 Back To Stable diffusion
05:23 Generate And Result
06:07 Try 2nd Reference Image
08:36 Upscalling
09:32 The Result

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