Install Stable Diffusion Locally (In 4 minutes!!) HINDI | AI course Class 1

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Step 1: Create an account on both websites and log in!

Github Website Link: Hugging Face Website Link:

Step 2: Download and install Gitbash

Link to GitBash for Windows:

Step 3: Create a folder name ‘Ai’ in c drive and copy its location

Step 4: Code for Gitbash Commands: “cd (past the location you copied)”

Step 5: Stable Diffusion WebUI Link:

Code for Gitbash Commands: git clone

Step 6: GFPGAN Face Restoration Link:

Step 7: Python 3.10.6 Download Link:

Step 8: Hugging Face Stable Diffusion v1-4 Download Link:

Step 9: Copy and paste gifgan file in the stable diffusion file and ckpt file in the stable diffusion, model, stable diffusion.

Step 10 : run webui . bat file and copy URL and past to any browser you want

you are done!


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