SDXL 1.0 in A1111 – Everything you NEED to know + Common Errors!

SDXL 1.0 is out. Here is everything you need to know. How to use it in A1111 today. In this video I show you everything you need to know. Everything that is new in SDXL 1.0. How to download SDXL 1.0. How to use SDXL in A1111. What is the SDXL Offset Lora used for. SDXL Refiner Settings in A1111. Using a Trick in A1111 to use only the Refiner Model for image Render.

#### Links from the Video ####
SDXL 1.0 Announcement:
SDXL 1.0 Base and Lora:
SDXL 1.0 Refiner:
Stability Image:
Nerdy Rodert Image:
OrctonAI Images:

00:00 Intro
00:25 What is new in SDXL 1.0
02:40 SDXL Image Samples
04:35 Prompts and Loras
06:01 Ways to use SDXL 1.0
06:43 SDXL Render Samples
08:44 SDXL 1.0 Model + Lora Download
09:41 SDXL 1.0 use in A1111
12:09 SDXL 1.0 Refiner in A1111
13:07 SDXL Prompt and Settings Guide for A1111
15:54 SDXL Refiner ONLY Render TRICK!!!!!
17:08 Thank you for Watching!

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