Stable Diffusion Crash Course for Beginners

Learn how to use Stable Diffusion to create art and images in this full course. You will learn how to train your own model, how to use Control Net, how to use Stable Diffusion’s API endpoint, and more.

The ethical implications of AI in art are significant. This course aims to educate on the technical aspects of the tool. We emphasize the importance of using it responsibly and respecting the rights of artists.

✏️ Course created by @lynnzheng

🔗 Install stable diffusion:
🔗 Download models:
🔗 Download VAE for Model “Counterfeit”:
🔗 Download Embeddings:
🔗 Train a Lora:
🔗 Install Control Net –
(Use –enable-insecure-extension-access extensions)

🎉 Thanks to our Champion and Sponsor supporters:
👾 davthecoder
👾 jedi-or-sith
👾 南宮千影
👾 Agustín Kussrow
👾 Nattira Maneerat
👾 Heather Wcislo
👾 Serhiy Kalinets
👾 Justin Hual
👾 Otis Morgan

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