Stable Warpfusion Tutorial: Turn Your Video to an AI Animation

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Learn how to use Warpfusion to stylize your videos. Discover key settings and tips for excellent results so you can turn your own videos to Ai Animations

📁Warpfusion Settings:

Warpfusion v0.16(recommended):
Warpfusion v0.14:

Stable WarpFusion local install guide:
Another local install guide:
Best Custom Stable Diffusion Models
How to get good prompts:
How to use Luma AI:

©️ Credits:
Stock video:
James Gerde:
Marc Donahue:
Markus Paolo Pe Benito:
Alex Spirin:
Noah Miller:
Willis Hsieh:
Stefano Knoll:
Josh Doctors:
Yüksel Aykilic:
Oleh Ibrahimov:

Positive Prompts:
“0”: [
“realistic female beautiful statue of liberty is a rocky statue dancing, manhattan city skyline in the background, the environment is new york city in day time, realism, hyper detailed, cinematic lighting, photograpny, High detail RAW color art, diffused soft lighting, sharp focus, hyperrealism, cinematic lighting, unreal engine, 4k, vibrant colours, dynamic lighting, digital art, winning award masterpiece, fantastically beautiful, illustration, aesthetically, trending on artstation, art by Zdzisaw Beksiski x Jean Michel Basquiat, high quality, 8k, ”

Negative prompts:
“0”: [
“smoke, fog, lowres, (bad anatomy:1.2), EasyNegative, multiple views, six fingers, black & white, monochrome, (bad hands:1.2), (text:1.2), error, cropped, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, (signature:1.2), (watermark:1.3), username, blurry, out of focus, amateur drawing, colored, shading, displaced feet, out of frame, massive breasts, large breasts ,((ugly)), nude nsfw”

⏲ Chapters:
0:00 Introducing Warpfusion
0:34 How to start with Warpfusion
1:08 Google colab: local vs online runtime
2:01 How to transform a video
2:34 What’s an AI model?
3:06 Settings
8:35 How to run Warpfusion
9:23 Animation preview
9:30 How to change GUI settings
12:06 How to export the animation
12:36 Get featured
12:49 Warpfusion + Luma AI

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My name is Mohamed Mehrez and I create videos around visual effects and filmmaking techniques. I currently focus on making tutorials in the areas of digital art, visual effects, and incorporating AI in creative projects.

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