STOP Using Automatic1111 and ComfyUI for Stable diffusion SDXL. New best alternative SwarmUI! +Colab

How to install stable diffusion SDXL? How to install and use ComfyUI?
Don’t do that.

If you’re watching this, you’ve probably run into the SDXL GPU challenge. The Automatic1111 tool isn’t working as expected, and the ComfyUI isn’t really that comfortable – its interface is awkward.

But here’s the solution: Swarm UI. It’s a result of the progress made by StabilityAI. Think of it as a blend of ComfyUI’s speed and the ease of use of Automatic1111. In this video, I’m introducing you to an alternative to ComfyUI. With just one click, it lets you do things like LoRA integration, embedding, and refining for SDXL, all made simpler.

I’m also sharing two Google Colab notebooks, so you can access Swarm UI without needing a powerful GPU or spending a lot of time on setup.

Feeling unsure? Stick around to learn more. Find out why Swarm UI is the answer to your SDXL problems. I’ll walk you through how to install it, use LoRA models, refine your work, apply different styles, and use scripts – all explained in the upcoming sections.

0:00 Intro
1:40 SwarmUI
🔩 Base notebook (cloud):

🔥 Ultimate Notebook (google drive):

Official rep:
All notebooks also available on my patreon page:

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