STOP wasting time with Style LORAs! Use THIS instead! How to copy ANY style with IP Adapter [A1111]

#aiart, #stablediffusiontutorial, #generativeart
This tutorial will show you how to use IP Adapter to copy the Style of ANY image you want and how to apply that style to your own creation. It does the job of a LORA with just one image. We will also compare Control Net Reference Only versus IP Adapter and see how these two are different from each other.

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Topics overview
00:45 – How to Install Control Net extension
02:05 – Downloading IP Adapter models
03:30 – How to Use IP Adapter to copy the style of a Reference Image
10:54 – Understanding IP Adapter parameters
15:05 – Reference Only versus IP Adapter comparison

Useful links:
Where to get the IP-Adapter models

Where to get the ip-adapter-plus-face_sd15.bin file.

The reference image I used in this video was from a reddit post by navalguijo. Thank you for creating such a beautiful image!

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