Thoughts – AI Movie Clip – Gen2 RunwayML and Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion

(Best played with audio on) See the power of AI image generation in motion! In this video, I demonstrate how tools like Stable Diffusion, Automatic1111, and RunwayML can turn text prompts or other graphics into stunning video clips and animations.

Watch as the software processes a single image into a moving scene. The results showcase the rapid advancements happening in AI image and video synthesis.

While far from perfect, the AI-generated graphics demonstrate the potential to assist human creatives and expand the possibilities of visual media. There are some glitches and oddities, but the overall lifelike motion is impressive.

Let me know what you think? What are some ways you envision this technology could be used for visual effects, video content creation, and beyond? I’m excited to see where these tools take us in the future.

#aiart #stablediffusion #automatic1111 #runwayml #deeplearning #gan #videogeneration #texttoimage #animations #motiongraphics #cgi #vfx #aiimages

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