Upscale Your Videos with AI for FREE (Stable Diffusion + FlowFrames)

Stable Diffusion tutorial on how to upscale any video for free.

Enhance your videos for free with powerful upscaling using Stable Diffusion and Flowframes. Discover how these techniques can make your AI-powered videos incredibly detailed and smoother.

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》In-Depth Written Tutorial:
》Install Stable Diffusion:
》NextView GitHub URL:
》Music: @tokyomusicwalker4038

Best AI Graphic Cards👇
RTX 4090:
RTX 4070:
RTX 3060:

Top Tier Desktop PC’s 👇
MSI MPG Velox:
Corsair Vengeance i7400:

Awesome Gaming Laptop 👇
MSI GE76 Raider:

Software We Use 👇
Image Upscaling:
Video Upscaling:

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I will also explain why upscaling videos with this workflow in Stable Diffusion is better than using the Deforum upscale feature.
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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Stable Diffusion
0:37 – NextView Extension Installation
1:11 – Video 2 Image Sequence
1:40 – Upscaling Settings
2:37 – Face Restoration
3:34 – Upscaling Entire Video
4:25 – Image Sequence 2 Video
5:16 – Interpolate Video (Boost FPS)
6:41 – Alternate Interpolation Method (Deforum)
7:23 – Results & Comparisons
7:50 – Subscribe & Recommendation Video

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